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Objective-CのコマンドラインでHello World!

けっこう時間が経ってしまいましたが、Objective-Cの勉強をぼちぼち始めました。iPhoneの実機も手に入ったし、Macアプリでも作りたいものがモヤモヤと湧いてきたしで。とりあえずプログラミング言語の手習いとしては王道のHello Worldを表示させることに。しかもコマンドラインで。

GUIアプリケーションはCocoaのお陰で非常に簡単に作れるのはサンプルチュートリアルで体感したのですが、ちょっとした実験や勉強用のプログラムで、Interface Builderをいじくるのは面倒だったのでコマンドラインをチョイス(こうやってInterface Builderの勉強が遅れるという)。

続きを読むでHello Worldスクリプト。



  • 「新規プロジェクト」→「Application」→「Cocoa Application」


  • 「新規プロジェクト」→「Command Line Utility」→「Foundation Tool」




「HelloWorld1.m」というソースファイルがあるので、それを開くと実はすでにHello Worldが表示出来るサンプルコードが入っていたりする。が、いったんそれを消して教科書通りに自分で打ち込んでみる。

#include <Foundation/NSObject.h>
#include <stdio.h>

@interface HelloWorld : NSObject
- (void) hello;

@implementation HelloWorld

- (void) hello{
  printf("Hello World.\n");


int main(int argc, char **argv){
  id obj = [HelloWorld alloc];
  [obj hello];
  return 0;


こいつを「ビルドして進行」すると、~/HelloWorld1/build/Release/HelloWorld1 というバイナリが出来るので、ターミナルで ./HelloWorld1 と実行すると「Hello World.」と表示される。



次回は、標準入力を使ったHello Worldを作ってみよう。


田村洋祐 2008年10月19日 18:39

はじめまして、"objectiveC" ”プログラマー”でぐぐったら一番上にきたのでここまでたどり着きました。


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Current News of international economic life of the Consumer Financial Review

Topics and news prediction laws and regulations cover data

Public interest to study Business School ministries financial products
Weather collection of luxury calendar fiscal training

the Guangxi bed according to hall officials on trial

Airlines collective lowered international fuel costs

National Liquor Maotai trademark of First Instance Guo Yin Zhengyi

Jinmailang acid value exceeded events turned

Wu Changjiang regain NVC chips to reduce

Zhenhai Refining and the first half of the refining loss of 400 million

number of foreign milk powder brands traced to raise prices again

Shanxi,Louis Vuitton Luggage, the official launch of the coal joint venture

Beijing suffered heavy rains

China PE gamble of War

LDK deep debt crisis

Li Ning how

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News> Sports Video
,Hermes Birkin

CCTV network assessment

systems to activate the positive energy of the Chinese society

300: improve the mechanism to ensure that disabled elderly a sense of security

299: rainstorm promote disaster information disclosure mechanism construction

298: more women elected party has multiple meanings

297: serious illness health insurance
296: heavy rain in Adherence to and the dedication shows humanized glorious

295: household registration reform boost equalization of public services

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Chinese good people

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July 27, 2012 in London bowl opening,Louis Vuitton Agendas, closing eight in the evening of July 29, our athletes won five gold medals, two
Bronze medal,Miu Miu Top Handle, I wish the Olympic athletes good luck,Louis Vuitton Belt!

                     Watch Olympic site London 2012 Olympic Games HD the ipad Wallpapers Daquan

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             these days to the 2012 London Olympics opening, watching the hard work of Olympic athletes in the sports arena, reminds me of my favorite Olympic athletes - a disability but a strong girl. Her name is Natalya the Pa Dika, a known born in Poland for the table tennis
               her do things that ordinary people are difficult to achieve with both hands with one arm. Her name is Natalya Pa Dika, an inherently lower right arm disability strong girl,Hermes Kelly Bags, the one known as born in Poland for the table tennis 13 the Padi Ka at the Olympic Games for the first time a high-profile Game, the one-armed Woman won the respect and applause of the audience. In Poland, the world number 147 Pa Dika,Louis Vuitton Outlet Store, from 7 years old, fell in love with table tennis, 11 years old to participate in the Paralympic Games, 15-year-old won the 2004 Athens Paralympic table tennis champion. This year she is still the World Table Tennis Championships first round of group stage defeat the champion Li Jia Wei of Singapore, ranked sixth in the world to prove their strength. Padi Ka ultimately did not obtain tickets for the Olympic Games women's singles, but she has to be representative of the Polish table tennis women's team to participate in the women's team competition, but also sought to defend the gold medal in the Paralympic Games. As disabled athletes, Padi Ka beauty of a different kind of interpretation of the essence of sports, and also touched the world.
relevant 2012 London Olympics, England articles:

closing time of




                    the <span class=

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Lee Min Ho participating in the London Olympics ?
recently SBS crescent fire drama
the photo , Lee Min Ho race soccer, swimming ,Prada Shoes, running , boxing , archery and other 12 kinds of projects . In particular, Lee Min Ho was wearing a
this rice system interesting picture because there is no picture of Lee Min Ho synthesis in someone else's body ,Louis Vuitton Keys Holder, but more eye-catching photos of the actual look or play the scene to PS Lee Min Ho .
In addition,Gucci Wallet, Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee-sun starred in the SBS crescent fire drama
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              Olympic Games ignition my favorite is the 2004 Olympics in Athens, ignition, then the torchbearers the yachtsman 卡卡拉马纳 Keith.
Athenians essence is concentrated in a few hours before performances, compared to simple rustic lighting ceremony: the torch Taiwan slowly down to the ground, was ignited and then slowly erected, this ignition may be a symbol of Olympic is a return. Olympic opening ceremony
When sailing champion 卡卡拉马纳 Keith stand in the front of the stage of the torch, many people do not know this man, or even half a minute after the main torch lit, AP, Reuters,Louis Vuitton Luggage, AFP the three major news agencies are not reaction. It turned out that the organizing committee at the last minute to replace the ignition candidates.
relevant 2012 London Olympics, England articles:

closing time of




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